[asusig] There may be no room for us at ASU Sun, 01 Dec 2002

With ASU already starting to tear down Old Row to move the fraternities located there to their new proposed facility we may find ourselves faced with no place to go based not just on the issue that the current design for this facility is totally unacceptable but on the fact that ASU is not proposing building enough houses to accommodate those it is wooing. They must have learned how to overbook reservations from the Airline located in Tempe.

The first phase of construction calls for eight houses and the second phase calls for building six houses for a total of 14 buildings to house "fraternities". IFC is comprised of 18 fraternities 10 of which are located or currently own their houses on Alpha Drive (Sigma Chi, Pike, SAE, Delta Sig, AEP, Teke, Sigma Pi, Phi Sig, Sig Ep and Sigma Nu) with the other eight coming from either off-campus with no current housing or the Houses located on Old Row.

Into the mix of shoe horning 18 IFC fraternities into these 14 proposed buildings ASU is including the three Hispanic Fraternities and the three African-American Fraternities for a total of 24 possible Fraternities. My math shows that 10 houses are going to get left out in the cold.

As I previously reported ASU held a meeting for the Architects to present their design. We attended this meeting and provide constructive feedback as to the various issues and concerns that we have with their design. They took notes and indicated they would see how they could accommodate these issues. Well, now ASU has scheduled a follow-up meeting for the evening of December 11th that will immediately be followed that same night by meeting to determine the selection process (GPA, House Size, Campus Participation, etc...) for how a House will be allowed to move into a facility.

They are moving forward at warp speed on this project and giving lip service to our concerns. For example they have scheduled the meeting with the our Advisory Committee and Michael Crow for the week after this next meeting. How the architects are to have taken our feedback and incorporated any of our recommendations into their plan in such a short period of time leaves us wondering what the point of that meeting was. We asked them if they are thought about visiting our current building and this they have not done either.

The train is running and either we seek to change the schedule and track or we will be run over. Their is no other alternative for our long-term survival at ASU.