Some of the guys that said they would step up to provide loan guarantees did not follow through on their commitment and we are not in danger of not getting the loan funded.
I am in need of some guys to commit and follow through on the items below
Of the original $33,000 in loan guarantees I have had five guys that each indicated $1,000.00 not get their paperwork in so I need one or a couple of guys to step up and cover that amount ($5,000.00).
On the second short-term guarantees (until the chapter is back on "Good Standing" with the University) I have had two guys fall out for a total of $54,000.00.
If you can help on any of these items I will forward immediately to you a copy of the loan guarantee documents with the amount that you will pledge to cover filled in.  All you will need to do is fill in your address and phone information, get it notarized and then fax it to Evanston and then express mail it to them.  Additionally, On the short-term commitments they would want a simple Financial Statement to accompany the commitment. This could be something as simple as printing a Net Worth report our of Quicken and MS Money if you use an application like that.