[asusig] Membership Review planned at Epsilon Upsilon Tue, 18 Mar 2003


Unfortunately we bring you some disheartening news from the ASU Chapter. After going almost seven years (1996-2003) without a single discipline complaint the ASU Chapter is facing some allegations (hazing from December and hazing and multiple serious drug related allegations from last week).

These allegations from the University, coupled with some internal issues that have been building for the last year or so have finally resulted in a general Membership Review being visited upon the Chapter. We will be conducting the interviews and member review on Saturday, April 5th.

While we do not yet know (nor even have an idea) how many members will face either being removed from Active to Alumni Status nor how many may face additional censure (suspension or expulsion) the Chapter is effective as of yesterday (3/17/03) on a 45-day suspension pending this review. This means that they are prohibited from hosting or participating in social, intramural or philanthropic events. Additionally, given the nature of some of the allegations the pledge program was suspended last week while awaiting word from the Executive Committee (EC) of the Fraternity as to if a Membership Review would be going forward.

We do not yet know the Status of the current pledge class (10) or of the holdovers from last semester (8) but I imagine they will be part of this review and their status will be clarified at a later time.

For those that do not understand how this process works allow me to explain. At the direction of the EC the Praetor will undertake a review of Chapter operations and all members of the Chapter. When this review takes place all Active Members are converted to Alumni and are essentially interviewing to be returned to Active Status. Members that are not allowed back as an Active and are left on Alumni Status (while still an undergraduate) are prohibited from interaction with the Active Chapter and participation in any Active Chapter events.

In addition to making sure that any members desiring to return to Active Status are able to demonstrate that they have a basic understanding of the Jordan Standard and what the ideals of the Fraternity are they will have to demonstrate that they will actually be able to be a credit to the Fraternity through their past involvement with the Chapter, their plans for how they want to increase their involvement and that they at a minimum are both current in their financial obligations to the Fraternity as well as carrying a GPA that is above the All Men's Average for the School.

There will be some additional conditions they will have to live with based on the nature of the allegations levied against them and the initial investigations that have thus far been carried out. We are currently looking into conducting either random drug testing every semester and/or obtaining the services of an animal handler to bring a trained Drug Dog through the House at random times (The Chapter at Oklahoma has been doing this for a while now). Those members that cannot meet or agree to meet and be judged by these conditions will either self select or be selected to not participate with the Active Chapter for the remainder of their undergraduate career. Transferring to another school will also not be an option since this status will follow them should they attempt to affiliate with another chapter.

As we informed the Active Chapter last week this process will not be pleasant for either them or us but the Chapter will emerge from this crucible with a stronger and tighter bond than that which they currently are able to demonstrate.

In Hoc...

Dave R.