[asusig] Housing and Membership Review Update from ASU Sun, 27 Apr 2003

First lets address the status of the Housing update.

The tremendous leadership of Bob Hobbs and Bruce Sedlack as members of the Blue Ribbon panel of ASU Greeks charged with meeting weekly with ASU staff as accomplished some unbelievable goals. Bob's influence and Bruce's drive were instrumental in the success that appears to be around the corner.

ASU has know offered a proposal that will see us safely ensconced at 606 Alpha Drive for at least the next twenty years safe from eminent domain proceedings by the University. There are some conditions of course such as the external maintenance of he property having to be up to the CC&R codes as will be enacted by the Alpha Drive Association and that we each fund a maintenance account to ensure that this work can be accomplished should a house default.

The University has torn down the old Theta Delt house that was between our House and the PIKE house. Delta Sig will probably be moving down the street to this lot and SAE may be moving down to the Green land behind our house too. Their moving will allow ASU to acquire their land along with the Solar House and the tennis courts at that end of Alpha Drive will at least allow the University to utilize some of the land on our parcel.

The University has also signaled that they will work with us to establish some more equitable judicial processes re fraternities at ASU.

Just a four short months ago this outcome would have been thought impossible. The committee and the resources it brought to bear have worked a miracle. Of course outright financial threats from some "heavy hitter" alums from the various Alpha Drive houses backed up by word from the ASU Foundation that 65% of its donations come from the Greek community helped to put things in perspective too.


Membership Review Update

As mentioned previously the Active Chapter crossed some lines at the end of this last semester and the beginning of this one that coupled with some other outstanding issues resulted in us being directed by Headquarters in conducting a Membership review of the Active Chapter. As of today the House population of 129 (Actives and Pledges) has been trimmed to 23 invited to return to Active/Pledge Status (21 Actives and 2 Pledges), 52 having filed appeals (43 Actives and 9 Pledges - I believe most of the appeals heard so far have been approved with conditions and I believe those that have been denied have been invited to address some issues that they may have and file a second appeal), 17 Actives that choose not to appeal after their interview and the application of the requirements as directed by Headquarters (cumulative GPA has to be above the All Men's Average and they cannot owe any money to the Chapter) and another 37 Actives that chose to not participate in the process. If all the Actives and Pledges that went through the Interview and the Appeals process for those that need to meet some additional requirements are granted we should start the Fall 2003 semester with 64 Actives and 11 Pledges. Obviously down significantly from the current 129 that we show on the books but this heavy pruning the House should be prepared to move forward and make us and themselves proud of their accomplishments

Last week we were also forced to not only remove the Consul from office (under direction by the Grand Consul) but to take the very unusual step of evicting him from the property too. This step was forced by (among other things) his inattention to addressing his need to meet with ASU re the current discipline issues as well as his apparent fomenting of "mutiny" against the process that we were tasked with carrying out, sadly he still has the Consul Badge of the House and has yet to return it despite repeated requests that he do so. This is the Original Badge that was given to the House when it was chartered and which has been worn by ALL the Epsilon Upsilon Consuls.

The new Consul for next year (elected in the normal course of elections) is Matt Miksin. Matt was an Architecture Student who has now switched to Civil and Urban Planning. He was Annotator this past semester and carries an outstanding 3.5+ cumulative GPA! Matt has been working with Austen Jensen (the Magister for next semester) to design an outstanding Pledge Program that the Chapter can be proud of and they have been assisted by Mike Dunn (Past Grand Queaster) and George Gronbacher, the new Chapter Advisor along with Bill Scott the outgoing Praetor. Austen should be returning to school in the fall completely charged up and ready to lead a really good pledge program as not only will he be attending the Balfour Leadership Workshop that the Executive Chapter officers are supposed to attend but he also applied for and was also selected to attend the new Horizons Leadership Program (http//www.sigmachi.org/horizons/) that Headquarters recently began.

Matt and Austen will be presenting to Dean Sullivan (Judicial Dean) their complete program plan at the end of the month. Hopefully their hard work will see the Chapter back into the good graces of our host University and the General Fraternity.