[asusig] House Purchase and Greek Life Update Fri, 30 Aug 2002

Just another quick dispatch from the front lines to let you know that the remaining six House will be notifying the University today through our attorney that we are setting the date of September 30, 2002 for Closing on our properties. We hope not to have to file suit to move this along but are fully prepared to do so if need be.

Based on the proposed language in their answer to the language we had in our documents the University appears to be taking the tack that they are doing the barest minimum in meeting the "letter of the law". Almost all of the issues that ASU has asked us to negotiate over the last few years to resolve they now say are unimportant. Even concerning language they made the last House that bought in February include in their deed restrictions are no longer important and in fact they struck from the proposed deeds they have provided us. To protect our positions and allow us to get on with renovating the properties we will move forward with the purchase and if required litigate as required the issues that ASU is refusing to deal with today.

Your State tax dollars at work. Instead of resolving these issues in negotiation they appear to be wanting to take this to court later. Or they are planning on commencing Eminent Domain proceedings the day after we close. Either way their actions in this matter have been anything but forthright and honest.


The Greek Review Paper came out yesterday and the comments in it concerning the Administration are quite caustic. Even the President of IFC which is controlled by the University published a column in which he said

"...And I don't know if it's really my place to say, but I am really proud of everyone who is still in our Greek family. Last year was hard, and it seemed like there was no end in sight.

Administration didn't hold up it end of deals and no one ever knows what its intentions are. The sorority housing really didn't go as well as everyone wanted..."


More fallout on the video "scandal"

Kappa Sig is implicated in the video. Four of its members may have taken part and none of it was filmed in the house or on its property but still Kappa Sig is being faced with loss of recognition and being evicted from their house.

The ASU athlete that fired six shots from a gun in a public place was only penalized with a two game suspension. Yeah, ASU does not practice selective enforcement and ensures that students are provided with equal protection.


Our Guys provided a House Report (tongue planted firmly in cheek in the first sentence)

"First and foremost, we would like to thank ASU for its ongoing support of the Greek system. Time and time again we are reminded that it is easier to destroy then to create. To our neighbors who have fallen victim to the man - we don't know what to say. It sucks. We can't tell if we like being alone on the corner or not, but it seems our loyal ladies have a way of keeping our minds off our neighborhood situation.

As anticipated, the momentum from our end-of-the-year bash known as Derby Days has brought us right where we want to be. Aside from the $250,000 worth of house improvements filtering through 606 Alpha, the powers that be expect a healthy rush.

We started with 63 potentials last fall, but who knows how many more we can hold. Fourteen more brothers we added to our family last spring. Congratulations, boys, we're proud of ya.

It should be known that the new management of executive officers has nothing but great things planned for this semester; our worthy president, Julian Cox, appears to be destined to make his mark in the Sigma Chi legacy.

Lastly, we'd like to mention our popular saltwater pool and spa to those who haven't already enjoyed it wonders. We're here for you, girls. It has been said that success means stress, but not in our case. We're having the best time of our lives.