[asusig] Help needed Moving Forward on the Purchase Tue, 24 Sep 2002


I need some of you to step up to the plate to assist on the final aspect of closing on the ASU Chapter House. CCI (Constantine Capital) wants some Alums to guarantee a small part of the loan.

You do not need to open your wallet just be willing to sign up as a guarantor for part of the loan. We are hoping to close this coming Monday (the Board of Regents will be meeting this Friday and we are one of the items on the agenda.) CCI only made us aware of this requirement on Sunday afternoon!

Below is the language that CCI placed in their loan instruction documents. If you feel that you are willing to help please contact me ASAP at 480-610-8234 24-hours a day or via return email.


Guarantees The borrower shall provide Limited (as to dollar amount) Personal Guarantees of Payment for the loan. These guarantees shall be from Sigma Chi Alumni, as certified by the borrower. The guarantees shall total at least $33,000, with no one guarantee being less than $1,000. Each guarantor shall be identified by his full name, work & home addresses, social security number, and work & home phone numbers.