Greetings - House Corp and ASU Report Mon, 20 May 2002

Greetings Brothers,

First a note of apology to the ASU Sig's that live in the Phoenix area since many of them will get this note twice as they are on both the ASUSig and PHXSig email lists. (If you get this note as a fax and would like to get it in your email instead please let me now and I will make the change for you.)


Dan Clements who has served the Phoenix Sigma Chi Alumni Association as it's Treasurer for the past few years and filled the position of House Corp President for the past year will be leaving us. Dan who has been a Manager in the Phoenix Area Office for New York Life is being transferred effective immediately to Oregon to run the entire show for their Greater Oregon Office. Dan will be based in the Salem Oregon area. Our loss is Oregon's gain.


With Dan's departure I will be assuming the duties of President of the House Corp (until a replacement can be found). Those Brother's interested in serving on the House Corp please contact me directly at either or at 480-610-8234. I would like to fully populate the House Corp and would need six (6) Brothers to serve as Trustees on the Board of Directors.


Due to some problems with our Accountant we ran into issues that have delayed our moving forward with the purchase of the ASU House. We have switched Accountants and the previous Accountant is finishing up her work on some outstanding issues that have been a roadblock in our purchase of the property. She committed to providing us with the information we needed this past Friday and I am hoping to collect the information from her today. We will then be submitting an offer to purchase the property from ASU this week. We will be following Sig Ep by copying the offer that they submitted and obtained approval on this past semester.

ASU will then place us on the agenda for the Board of Regents meeting to be held June 21st. Since our offer will be identical to the Sig Ep offer we should have no problem being approved by both ASU and the Board of Regents.

We will also be submitting our loan application to CCI by the end of this month.

The delay caused by the previous Accountant has severely impacted our ability to finalize this process and whereas we had originally anticipated beginning renovations to the property as soon as the semester ended this has know been pushed deep into the summer which will in turn mean that the required renovations will now stretch into the Fall semester and some of the desired updates may not happen now until next summer or possibly over Christmas break.


The semester has ended and the guys have split for the summer. If you go by the property you will see that we have erected a security fence (as we do every summer.)

The last day of finals this year fell on the same day as the Phoenix Alumni Chapter meeting and the Active Chapter hosted our semi-annual Ritual meeting as well as hosted a cookout of Burgers & Brats. Even though it was the last day of Finals the guys and pledges went all out to clean the house to make it as presentable as possible for the visiting Alum's. The feedback that I got from the Actives was that they really enjoyed playing host and especially liked the Chapter meeting and getting to hear from older Sig's. Brother Bert Snyder (Denison Class of 1933!) once again showed us all up and set an example we can only hope to emulate.

On another note I hear that we may have topped the Academic rolls at ASU this past semester!

The final numbers are not in yet, but it looks like Derby Days may have raised over $4,000 for the Children's Miracle Network.


Sigma Nu have vacated their house after having their Charter yanked by their National once ASU dropped recognition of them. The word from ASU is that it was due to hazing and specifically Paddle Night was given to me as the hazing incident. I am trying to find out more details so that I can make sure our guys know if a line has been moved or if a line was crossed so that we do not fall prey to the same thing. The Sigma Nu House Corp as I understand it our still moving forward with the purchase of their property and will then lease it to an Off Campus House until they are able to recolonize.

Phi Sig too is in trouble. After playing host for the cable show "Girls Gone Wild" they found themselves facing sanctions from ASU. I understand that they got past that issue with the University but that their local Alums want to kick the guys out of the house and pull their charter for other reasons. This has not yet happened, as their National does not appear to want to do this. Phi Sig would then follow the SAE model and recolonize with new guys since it sounds like they have not been able to clear out a bad element that got into their house.

Sig Ep (who just finished buying their house in February) also found themselves in the Dean's office this past week. Word is that they were told specifically not to do three things and then went out and did all three of the proscribed "things".

Looks like three more houses could be empty on the row next semester. It is really looking like a ghost town.

PIKE and SAE are also moving forward with reopening their houses once they complete the purchase. PIKE never left actually, but did not want to spend their insurance money fixing the fire damage until they had resolved the housing issue and SAE have finished recolonizing their house to the point that it is a full Chapter again. They have a population of 45 guys now and as part of the House purchase they raised $85k this past semester.

The Phi Delt house is still leased to TEKE and no word on when they will recolonize.

The Theta Delt house is still empty and ASU's plans are to tear the building down once they have received the funds from the other houses that are purchasing.


I have the opportunity to sell my company (in business since 1994) to a friend (and competitor) of mine but before I do that I would need/want to line up employment. If you would like to review my resume and assit me in this endeavor please see a "generic" and fairly updated version of it at http// or contact me and I can forward it to you. I have and still do enjoy owning my company but I am starting to get burned out and want to see what else may be available to match my skills.

In hoc.

David W. Riddle

ASU '87