[asusig] Even More Good Housing News from ASU Thu, 27 Mar 2003

I am limited in what can be released at this point but suffice it to say that a tremendous breakthrough with the University appears to have been reached today that will address our current housing location for a significant period of time.

While the initial documents that I have seen are certainly encouraging and there are control, facilities and finance items to be addressed and clarified by both sides I would say that the logjam has been cleared and we have Bob Hobbs and Bruce Sedlak to thank for the yeoman efforts that they have expended on our behalf.

The personal relationship that Bob has developed with Dr. Crow and Dr. Crow's apparent willingness to listen to Bob's (and his sons Bob, Jr. and Tom) input certainly seems to be rubbing off on University staff since I am certainly able to see what appears to be some changes in attitude of the Staff and its willingness to work with us and our Chapter.

We also have Bruce to thank for his tenacity in getting the University Staff, that were tasked by Dr. Crow to negotiate with the Blue Ribbon Alpha Drive Housing Committee, to actually listen to us and in keeping the Committee as a whole focused on the issues at hand and to utilize the resources at his disposal.

Hopefully soon we will be able to release a more detailed announcement but I will say that we will immediately begin the task of moving forward with our planned renovations and hopefully the creation of a 501(c)3 corporation to transfer the asset of the House into so that donations to help pay off the mortgage ($157,000) and to pay for the loan that will be used for the budgeted renovations can be tax deductible since the purpose of the House is to provide a place for the fraternal and scholastic education of our members attending Arizona State University.

As previously announced we are moving into a painful Membership Review with the current house this breakthrough regards housing is actually the silver lining to that dark cloud and is coming at a good time for the Chapter since a revitalized and energized membership will be poised to take advantage of the stability that appears to be around the corner and to assist in the rebirth of the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter to the benefit of both our own Alums and those Alums from our other Chapters that now call the Phoenix area home.

In Hoc...