[asusig] Copy of the House Report submitted to the Magazine Tue, 16 Apr 2002


As I indicated last week here is a copy of what the house submitted to the Magazine. Based on lead times for publishing this report may not make it in till the fall issue. Enjoy.


Epsilon Upsilon would like to say hello to everyone who has missed our submission for so long. The Arizona sun out here in Tempe has been frying away our brains. But we are back and in full stride. We would also like to welcome back the alumni who we lost relations with a few years back. In April the housing corporation finally got to take full control of our house and has great renovations in progress to begin in the summer. Some of the great improvements that will be enjoyed in the fall is a new roof, ethernet connections, and janitorial services just to name a few. So a big THANKS given out to the housing corporation and alumni chapter out in Phoenix. The men here at Epsilon Upsilon truly appreciate your enthusiasm to get involved with the house again.

It's been a long year for us. The fall started off with a great pledge class of 30 new members led by, Brothers Ira Henderson and Zac "Barnes" Shoush. We would also like to send out prayers and wishes to the families and friends of the victims of Sept 11th. In respect to the lost Brothers and Americans, Brother Mike "the Marine" Schofield created a shirt in memory of those lost and is worn all over campus showing the pride this chapter of Sigma Chi has for its country. Fall formal took us to Disneyland and the ASU/USC game where the sundevils didn't perform they way we had hoped, but there is always next year. GO DEVILS! Epsilon Upsilon was again awarded for top chapter on campus and still continues to set the example for all other chapters here in the valley. Along with recognition for greatness we also took time during the holidays to do a toy drive for a local boys and girls club which was led by Brother Nick Glassner. We were able to raise over $2000 in toys and cash for underprivileged kids and families. We ended the semester in Epsilon Upsilon fashion throwing a great Christmas party with Brother DJ Ira who has been expanded his fan basis in the local area.

Spring semester started out great with another strong spring class of 8. We hosted the Southwest Province which was a huge success. One of the most attended in a while with lots of participation from all the chapters. The ASU boys got to show off the social skills to the guest brothers at the end of the week. Needless to say it was a huge success for all the brothers who were there including Brother "Frosty" who has been coming out to support our chapter at a lot of our events. Thanks Frosty for all the support. Spring Break was fun with brothers all over the place. Texas, Cabo, Rosarito, San Diego was just a few of the places brothers choose to go. With Brotherhood and in-house relations reaching a high point, the house has finally been receiving the respect it deserves. Murals, Fences, and any other emphasis that we can show pride for our chapter has gone up all over the house. They bring pride to the brothers and alumni who come to our house and see us doing our part to keep the spirit of Sigma Chi alive in a Greek system thats dying here at the ASU campus. Intermurals in both soccer and basketball led by Consul Mike Medina, did excellent taking both teams into the playoffs. With spring formal ending us up at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego the good times just never seemed to stop. It allowed a lot of the younger brothers an opportunity to spend some last moments and some first moments with brothers who are senior and graduating.

And after what seemed like an endless year of drama and changes in the house policies, Cam Jerger and Mike Schofield kicked off Derby Days early which ended up in a week and a half celebration of our fraternity and brotherhood done with the efforts of Derby Daddies, Nick Glassner and Reade McClintock. The combined efforts of the brothers allowed us to donate over $3000 to the Children's Miracle Network with the help of the lovely ladies of ASU. Good luck graduating brothers Leif Everett, Matt Meehan, Brent Campbell, Tony Ranallo, Greg Bellamy, TJ Griffin, Dave Kruezer and Eric Korsten. You presence in the chapter will be missed. So until next year brothers, In Hoc and Go Devils!!