[asusig] ASU Porn video info Fri, 23 Aug 2002

Here are the text of two emails that I sent to the General Sig Population here in Phoenix over the last two days. I do not know why I did not send it to the Epsilon Upsilon specific email list too. For those in parts of the Country where this story has not gotten play I am sure it will catch up with you soon.

Read, Enjoy, and be Proud of the Current Crop of Actives in Our House.


This matter came to my attention a few weeks ago and now that it is in the news I thought I would give you a little background.


You will notice that we are not mentioned. The reason we are not mentioned is because we had a Consul in place that knew what to say when presented with this opportunity. When the limo stopped at our house and wanted to bring their "actresses" inside to film Mike said no. Whether he said no because he knew that was the correct answer or he said no because the presence of our House Mother acted as a deterrent does not matter - he said no. They moved on to the next house and we fortunately did not get to make the news.

As I told someone else our guys seem to know where the line is and while able to lean pretty far over the line at times they don't step across. Other houses seem to treat the line as the take off point for the running long jump.

In hoc...


While the recently revealed video tape scandal has done tremendous damage to the causes of Fraternities in general at ASU especially in light of the negotiations currently underway with the University for the remaining University owned houses to go private we as a Chapter and a General Fraternity can take comfort in how our guys behaved and handled themselves.

Today I was asked to come down to the KTAR Radio studios to appear on a segment of Preston Westmoreland's show. I did so only because in my talks with the producer he expressed surprise that our house had actually said no and he wanted to make sure that their listener's knew that. I fell the segment went well and the feedback that I have gotten from brother's that heard it is encouraging. However even more heartwarming was the report from one of the Actives in the House who along with the rest of the House was listening to the show that his Grandmother called him during the segment to ask him if he was listening. She told him that he had made the right choice as to which house to join.

When I stopped by the House on my way home from Phoenix our guys are reporting that they have now been sought out on campus when wearing letters and told that our house is the one that these students will be rushing.

The Active House is now of the opinion that they may take a smaller than normal Pledge Class to help ensure the quality of the guys they are taking by being extremely selective. I was please to hear reported to me that the Rush Chairman was having a conversation in the downstairs hall with some of the other actives how this current lesson shows how important one guy can be to the success or failure of the House in demonstrating the roll that Consul Medina played in this incident.

I for one want you Alums to know that I am passing on your appreciation to the House as to your feelings of how the house did not blacken your character in this matter. You can certainly be proud of them. Our House is the biggest Fraternity on campus and by the normal law of averages we should also be subject to our own share of discipline problems with the Administration that we have not has been a testament to the type of guy that we generally are admitting and specifically electing to positions of responsibility.

In hoc...