[asusig] ASU Housing update - a quick note Tue, 14 Jan 2003

Since it has been a while since I updated you all on the status of housing at ASU let me provide a quick note on where we are at.

Back in December Dr. Crow agreed to sit down with a "Select Committee" of Greek representatives to hear our concerns. In attendance at this meeting, in addition to our representatives and Dr. Crow, were members of ASU Staff that are charged with negotiating with us on these matters.

In a nutshell, Dr. Crow indicated that his Staff had moved faster than he himself was ready to proceed and he charged Staff with sitting down with our Committee to identify common ground issues and to negotiate our differences. They (the Committee) are to return to Dr. Crow with any items that can not be resolved and at such time he will again get personally involved to resolve any remaining issues, if they are resolvable.

To Dr. Crows' credit this process has indeed begun. Our Committee is meeting on a weekly basis (first meeting was last week) with Staff. Obviously in those areas where we have competing needs and concerns we will not see an immediate resolution but we can rest easy in knowing that we (Sigma Chi) are well represented in this council by Bros. Bob Hobbs, Sr. and Bruce Sedlak.

I would like to thank all the alums that have contacted ASU to express their feelings on this matter. You appear to have been of tremendous help and influence in this matter.

In hoc.

Dave Riddle