It is with much regret that after serving as Chapter Advisor from 1997 - 2003 and House Corp President from 2002 to the present that I formally announce my resignation from the office and from the Board of Trustees for the House Corporation. My resignation will be effective either on February 1, 2004 or upon the election of a new President at the next House Corporation meeting to be held this month.
With the continued delinquency of the Active Chapter in the matter of finances and with a division within the House Corp on how to deal with this matter I feel that now is the time for someone else to stand up and try their hand.
It has been my pleasure to work on behalf of all of us on these matters these past many years and to work with an astonishing number of really good undergraduate members and a few truly exceptional officers.
I have tried to do my best to see that the tradition of Sigma Chi remained at ASU and to retain our location on Alpha Drive. Even to the point of straining my marriage by being the largest personal guarantor on the note that enabled the purchase and renovation of the House and loaning unrepaid monies (along with others) to the Chapter to cover past debts.
If an ASU Alum living within the Greater Phoenix Area would like to try and be "that guy" that wants to step up and see if he can make a difference please do so as I am sure the other House Corp members could use some fresh perspective. Or if you would like to nominate a Brother please do that as well. I will send out a notice in the next day or so as to when the next House Corp meeting is and you are of course all invited to attend to help elect some new officers.
The current officers with terms expiring in 2004 are Tom Hobbs and Ted Brookhart. The guy that assumes my term will see it run to 2005.  The remainder of the House Corp members are Shawn Bellamak (also until 2005) along with Bill Harris and Derek Kneadler whose terms run to 2006. Marshall Christy, as current Phoenix Alumni Chapter President is also a Board member.
I do not know if someone will be maintaining and updating the ASU email listserv or not but I have also enjoyed trying to open these lines of communication to make both ASU Alums and Alums from other Chapters who now reside within the Greater Phoenix Metro Area aware and to provide them a sense of participation with the local Chapter.
In hoc.
David Riddle (ASU '87)