The renovation work is progressing on the House and we really hope to see many of you back here for Homecoming this year. Bruce Sedlak has gone ahead moved forward with his planning and should be having a detailed list of events etc... going out in the next day or so. The Active Chapter is also really looking forward to this event and since Bruce's son, Greg, is the Alumni Chair I would imagine that coordination between Alums and Actives should be quite good for this event.
The work we have been busting our butt to get completed (we had planned to have 4 months to work on these projects starting in May when the guys moved out for the summer - but that has been forced compressed into essentially one month!) is coming along with only one minor hiccup and one major one.
The minor hiccup is that the carpet we had picked for the Chapter room and the Study room is no longer being made and we are trying to find out if they can make a special run for us.
The major hiccup is with the City of Tempe.  On Wednesday the building inspector stopped by (he was sic'ed on us by the Fire Marshall) and told our A/C contractor that he had to stop and get a permit.  The old system single unit 30 ton sweet water system had already been pulled out and pitched in the dumpster and the new five unit 27 ton forced air system is in place ready to be ducted to the original ducts and vents.  The contractor is scrambling to have his architect show on copies of our original plans what has been demo'd and what is being installed. These plans should be ready to give to the city on Monday and if we can get the green light he will have his crew work overtime to get it in. He estimates it will take three days. With the guys set to start moving in this next Saturday that does not leave a lot of wiggle room.
I contacted the Mayor of Tempe, Neil Giuliano (an ASU Sigma Nu who has been involved in the property issues between Alpha Drive and ASU) to get his help and he asked the City Manager to get with the Director of Planning to help push this through.  Additionally, I got Grady Gammage (whom we have on retainer to work out general zoning issues with the City) to fire off an email to the City Manager too.  Can't bring much more clout to the table when dealing with Tempe property issues then the Mayor and Grady Gammage. Hopefully this issue will just be a minor bump.
Tempe is very difficult to deal with on building.  We do not need a permit to remove the old roof fascia and replace it but we do to remove and old A/C system and replace it.  The building inspector that stopped us even told our contractor that if you wanted to put up a ceiling fan in your own home or replace your water heater with the same size unit you would have to get a building permit. Grady says it is common for Tempe to stop you after work has commenced to demand permits.
duties performed...