As I indicated the other day there would be a House Corp meeting called this month for the election of some new Trustees (three positions on the board are open).  There are a total of six elected Trustees with the seventh position held by the President of the Phoenix Alumni Chapter. Each Trustee position server for three years with two trustees elected each year to ensure that the opportunity for new people and ideas are available to re-energize the Board.
The Board of Trustees in turn elect the Executive Committee of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
I have heard from one ASU Sig that he is interested in serving and hope that others may feel the desire to at least serve as a Trustee or to attend the open House Corp meeting.
The meeting will be held the evening (6:30pm) of Monday, January 26th at our renovated Chapter House on Alpha Drive so you should all be able to find your way there.
So please try to attend if possible even if to just stop by and take a look at the old place and maybe run into an old Chapter mate.