Bruce, Joe and everyone else on the list
I made a mistake on the homecoming planning.  I had asked Joe Bosse (ASU '90),, earlier in January if he could work on getting something planned for homecoming because he is very wired into the House Population from the later eighties through the mid nineties.
I did not hear back from Joe on the details as to what was being planned so I assumed, wrongly, that he had not followed up and then when Bruce Sedlak (ASU '75),, started discussing things a few weeks ago about what could be done (this was in the context of commitments and representations that had been made to President Crow during the negotiations to keep the property) and what he wanted to do I made a snap decision to tell Bruce to go ahead.  I made a mistake and should have told Bruce to get in touch with Joe.  I did not and I for that I sincerely apologize.
I have asked Joe to work with Bruce and Bruce is very happy to work with Joe to merge the events that they have planned.  This should actually be very easy since most of the planning that Bruce has been doing appears to be for off-site events (hotels, banquet, golf, etc...) and Joe appears to have been planning for an on-site event (tail-gate) before the game.  Bruce was of course looking at having an event before the game at the House and was waiting for the guys to get back for the start of school to finalize those plans and since Joe has already done the planning and preparation on that it seems to me that there is symbiosis there.
Again, I apologize and should have checked with Joe as to where he was in his planning and put Bruce in touch with him. Hopefully the two of them can work together to really put on an outstanding event.