This note was sent to me by the Father of a current member of the House at ASU. Great story of how the bonds of Sigma Chi are still there decades later.
I asked him if I could share it and see said yes and that he has told this story at the last two investitures at Oregon State.

...I graduated from Oregon State in both 1966 & 1967 (double degree).  I
had lots of close friends in both my class as well as the classes above
me and right below me.  In early spring 2002 I got a wild idea about
trying to track down a few of the "out of town" brothers that I hadn't
seen in almost 36 years.  I started sending out e-mails to the bros.
that I had e-mail address for and asking them if they knew of addresses
for other bros.  I told everyone that I was going to have an "end of
summer" bar-b-que at my house (my dear wife of 30 years helped me pick a
date) and wanted to extend an open invitation to everyone to bring their
spouses/ significant others or just themselves and come to my house for
an evening of brotherhood.
After a couple of months of e-mail conversations, etc. the date finally
arrived for the party and we were totally overwhelmed (as were all of my
neighbors) with the response.  (Up until the door bell started to ring I
had no idea how many people would arrive) We ended up with 63 brothers
plus friends (I think we figured a total of 100+ people).  The weather
was great and I have a big back yard so it worked out great but what a
time we had. I had not seen many of the brothers for 35-36 or more
The most amazing thing to me was that many of them came from far away
places for a 6-7 hour get together.  There were brothers from Seattle,
Northern and Southern California, Idaho, Kansas, Hawaii etc. in
attendance.  One of my roommates my senior year, Maj. General Curt Loop
even flew out from Wash. D.C. for the evening and then hopped a plane
back to the Pentagon the next morning.  Boy, did we ever have a ball.
The true meaning of Brotherhood was never clearer in my mind.  All of
these men came from many, many miles away just to see each other for a
few hours.  What a wonderful experience.
I hope that this current group of brothers can have the same experience
In Hoc,  Bill